Black and gold Set wedding Guest books weddings Champagne glasses


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🥰Introducing our stunning Black and Gold Set wedding, a truly breathtaking collection that will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your special day. 😍 This Whole Set includes 17 exquisite pieces, carefully curated to create a cohesive and memorable wedding experience. Start the celebration with our Wedding glasses set of 2, beautifully designed to toast to your love and future together. Keep your precious cards and well-wishes safe in our stylish Сard box, adorned with black and gold accents. The Cake Server and Knife set will add a touch of glamour as you cut into your delicious wedding cake.

🥰Set the mood with our Unity candles set of 3, symbolizing the union of your two hearts. Our Ring Bearer Pillow will hold your precious rings, featuring black and gold elements that complement the overall theme. Capture the heartfelt messages from your loved ones in our Guest book + Pen set, available in two exquisite designs. Make a statement with our Garters set of 2, meticulously crafted with black and gold details to enhance your bridal attire. The Flower Girl Basket is a charming addition, perfectly suited for scattering petals along your aisle. Serve your wedding cake with style using our Plate and 2 forks, designed to impress your guests.

🥰To make this set truly your own, we offer personalization options, allowing you to add your names, initials, or wedding date to selected items. This ensures that every piece in the set becomes a cherished keepsake, a reflection of your unique love story. Experience the elegance and sophistication of our Black and Gold Set wedding, meticulously crafted to make your day unforgettable. Celebrate your love in style with this stunning collection. Start your wedding journey with us and let us help you create memories that will last a lifetime. 💖

😍OTHER COLORS: Primary + decor -
black and white
black and red
black and orange
black and burgundy
black and purple
black and green
black and pink
black and royal blue
black and rose gold
black and silver
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black and ivory
Write your color in the comments and I will send you a photo :)

😍If you need other sizes - write to me, I will create for you :) !!! Please do not hesitate to ask all questions - I will answer you quickly.

💖All of our pieces are meticulously handmade, ensuring that they are unique and crafted with great care. To maintain their beauty, we recommend avoiding the use of dishwashers. Instead, a gentle hand washing in warm water with a mild detergent is the ideal way to care for them. These items are not just functional but also works of art, with intricate design details. Please be sure not to scratch the jewelry pieces with sharp or hard objects, as this could compromise their beauty. It's also essential not to attempt to alter or remove any of the design elements, as they are an integral part of the piece's charm and character. Thank you for choosing our handcrafted products.

This is the Wedding Set for your best day 😍

😍Whole Set of 17 pcs
Wedding glasses set of 2, Сard box (1), Cake Server and Knife (set of 2), Unity candles set of 3, Ring Bearer Pillow (1), Guest book + Pen (2), Garters set of 2, Flower Girl Basket (1), Plate (1) + 2 forks

😍Wedding glasses set of 2
Material: Glass, 260ml
Height of glasses: 27 cm (10.6 inches)

😍Сard box
Specially the box DOES NOT OPEN. It's like a chest that can only be opened by a newly-married couple - cut the bottom or shake through the hole.
Size: length 30 cm * height 20 cm * width 18 cm (11.8 inches * 7.9 inches *7.1 inches)
Top hole for envelopes size: 2.5 cm * 15 cm (1 inches * 5.9 inches)
box holds 250, maximum 300 envelopes (size envelope 11сm * 22 сm (4.3 inches * 8.7 inches)

Size box BIG XL: length 35 cm * height 24 cm * width 22 cm (13.8 inches * 9.4 inches * 8.7 inches)
box holds 500, maximum 600 envelopes

😍Cake Server and Knife
Material: plastic and metal
Size knife: 31 cm * 2.3 cm (12 inches * 0.9 inches)
Size server: 22 cm * 5 cm (8.6 inches * 1.9 inches)

😍Unity candles set of 3 (1large + 2 thin)
High quality candles do not leak or smoke
Size candle is large: h 15 cm *d 6.8 cm (h 5.9 inches *d 2.6 inches), burning time - 66 hours
Size candle is thin: h 24.5 cm * d 2.3 cm (h 9.6 inches *d 0.9 inches), burning time - 7 hours

Size large candle XL: h 20 cm *d 8 cm (h 7.87 inches * d 3 inches)

😍Ring Bearer Pillow
Size: 15x15 cm (6х6 inches)
If you want another size write to me - I'll do it for you!

😍Guest book
can be bought with a stand with a pen
Size: 25 cm*17cm ( 9.8 inch * 6.7 inch)
30 pages
If you want more pages or a photo album write to me - I'll do it for you!

😍Garters set of 2
The garter is not stretched 15 cm (6 inches), stretched 30 cm (12 inches).
If you need a different size, write to me!

😍Flower Girl Basket
Size: h 22 cm (with handle) * diameter 15 cm , depth 10 cm ( h 9 inches* d 6 inches, depth 4 inches)
The basket is light, can bend and does not break!

😍Plate + 2 forks
Size: plate 20.5 cm*20.5 cm (8 inch * 8 inch), d=23 cm(9 inch).
Size: dessert fork 14 cm (3 inch)

I pack the order securely for transportation😍

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Black and gold Set wedding Guest books weddings Champagne glasses

Black and gold Set wedding Guest books weddings Champagne glasses